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  1. They have been gone for a while unfortunately, however if there is nothing new to post - there's no need for it.
  2. I find Chods one of the best on this market. Obviously, I have not bought ALL of the cheats, but I've been throug some of them and I have to say price is right. Considering staff, community, etc, I'd pay even more if needed.
  3. We all have been, but you've come to the right place. Enjoy your stay!
  4. 1. Name of the Game - Destiny 22. Name of the Engine - Not sure, but I'd say custom by Bungie.3. Why you want to have a cheat for it - It's fun, competitive and game is not dead unlike other you provided
  5. literally on every single page it was mentioned and not once.
  6. I am assuming EFT will be first game. Is there a road map for other cheetos? I am super hyped for DBD
  7. I'm excited about the news! Hope it goes as smooth as planned. I remember CC when it started with just CSGO and look at it now. Great improvement, good luck!