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  1. I appreciate your kind words 🙃
  2. We do not have cheat for such game. You'd need to look elsewhere.
  3. As Armor mentioned, both versions will work just fine!
  4. It's related to site maintenance. It will be back
  5. No, it's framework related. If one cheat gets it, everything will.
  6. Hey, for the moment you can't but that's something you can suggest Cheers
  7. I was banned once, before the framework rework. Since then I enjoy perks of our product ban free
  8. Any further warnings will result in a permanent restriction on your account.
  9. Also, just to add a last bit - you can join customer discord to get the most recent updates and also connect with community
  10. I'm glad to see old stars being active!
  11. There are some applications, that will change your serials of HDD (for free) so google around and try that!
  12. Hello, for the time being we don't offer spoofer. It's being worked on, however no ETA as always. Cheers
  13. Hunt is going to have an aimbot? 😨
  14. Hello, as it's not confirmed, I can say that I believe it will follow Rust model. Therefore Invite only. To be invited you will need to fulfill similar requirements as in Rust: So all I can say is, be active, helpful and your day might come