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Chod safety and quality


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I apologize for my English, I am French speaking, I have been here since January 3, 2019 , I hardly ever spoke in the forum or just to congratulate the work of a dev after an update.

After testing a lot of cheese at chod, I never even post a review because of my English. 

So today I'm going to do a quick overall chod


Tarkov  : excellent, never had a problem with, never banned despite the latest problems 

Apex  excellent, never had a problem with, never banned 

SEA : I wanted to test the chodwork, very good but I did not like the game

Dayz : excellent, too bad we were quickly banned

CS : I loved playing with cheese and no bans

Squad : excellent, not banned yet

Hunt : excellent too, never banned 

Mordhau : Some problem with the aimbot but otherwise excellent , never banned  

Deadside : I really liked it too bad there are not many players , never banned  

Dbd : What a pleasure to have playing with cheese! I loved , never banned  

Rust : excellent, I'm currently testing it and I plan to stay on it for a little while


A short review but really I never had any problems with chod, To tell you before writing this I calculated how much cheese I bought and I'm 900 euros approximately more or less if I counted correctly

The support must be very good I guess but I never had a problem so I can't say anything

I hope this is all readable because I used google trad ^^


I sincerely congratulate the whole team

I started chod and I will end up chod 

safety and quality





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