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After 1 month using DBD Cheese


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Good day to all Chods Community!!

1stly I'm happy to meet this cheese. its very improve my gameplay without guessing all time where is the killer. ( I just need ESP and 1.3 speed hack when helping player from hook or cleans totem. Instant interaction I just use if I meet toxic killer)

2nd for CS after sale, yeah sometimes I got some miss communication although about SVM (enable virtual) due the guide show old motherboard (AMD-V) but my board show SVM. luckily I know a bit about system and I find myself to fix it and yeah, you need USB drive to run this cheese. I'm using 3.1 USB drive for better speed.


3rd about HWID, I not to mention if renew still cannot change computer due HWID is locked and when reset it need to buy HWID reset meanwhile I already issue the ticket that I need buy using new account for change to others pc or just renew then can change. The admin said just renew, after renew then I need to buy HWID reset. This is causes I'm trying 1st month this cheese using my old PC due skeptical get banned and will ban with my Hardware but  this cheese was undetected until I'm renew for 2nd month using my new PC. So this is very good Cheese.

4th, I'm happily show this videos to my friends and recommend this cheese. cheers! 



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