can i get any discount for buy 1 year squad cheat

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4 hours ago, zxc12300000 said:

i will very happy to see we can get a discount for buying 1 year cheat

Maybe in the far future, friendo! As for now, from what I know, there is currently no plans for annual or lifetime subs. But we can hope and pray for it lol xD

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  • Administrator

unfortunately we do not offer a 1 year subscription. It's just too long, a lot can happen during this time especially with stronger anticheats that are evolving constantly.
We might offer 2 week subscriptions in the future tho.

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Thanks for the reply Faceless, 


After reading I can't help but come to agreement that you are absolutely correct, a yearly subscription would create more problems them solve. Especially with the evolving anti-cheat battle between developers and gold standard anti-cheat services as you mentioned. 


Again thanks for clarifying!



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