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where is EFT


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i know im not supposed to mention other cheats/cheat providers but sadly chod cheats are falling behind. why is it that chods EFT cheat has basically been down for a year it seems like, yet there are so many other cheat providers that have EFT cheats. I remember that once battle state games added battle eye the EFT cheat went down and has stayed down for the most part. i used another cheat and no ban everything is fine (battle eye sucks) so im not sure what is taking so long for chod to get EFT back up and running. Chod had the best EFT cheat hands down and it was for an amazing price. $20ish for a month of cheats was the best thing ever, but now all the cheats cost $20 a day. Total bullshit. Anyways make chodcheats great again! 

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It's worth the wait ... chod eft cheese was one of the few that was active for many months without being detected and with many more functions than other providers and with the best SECURITY ... and by SECURITY I mean that In its late current state of development I think they are being effective since more time in development = everything will be better done and tested ... to this I include that surely it can only be accessed by invitation logically.

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Already answered to death, but I have the need to defend my main man - Chod


As stated numerous times in this thread other providers are known to be detected within a week while offering a ridiculously high price considering the downtime and ban rate. 


Also everyone loves to roast Battleye with various claims such as, "It sucks.". This is in no way true and proves how little you know and understand anti-cheat software.


Furthermore during Tarkovs downtime Chod's cheats has been doing huge improvements to both its products, community and website. We don't need to make CC's great again, because it already is. 

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