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The cheats work great, no complaints but the Moderator "Feary" has a way of assuming people will understand his explanations and closes a topic without waiting for a response for the person who wrote the TOPIC! This happened TWICE! 


I'm new to cheats, and I didn't understand a few things and he/she closed out my topic after I asked for further clarification.


Then he has the audacity to say I'm SPAMMING??? Sounds like you've been a moderator here way too long sitting on a high horse.


Let me remind YOU that WE pay YOU and our accounts can be prone to being BANNED. 


No longer gonna use your service, but thank you. YOU can close this topic as well. 

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The cheat code works perfectly and I cannot review that negatively; however,  I'm not tech savvy, I'm a boomer and sometimes I can't grasp the computer language LOL


But, as a moderator, you should be patient and make sure that your customers reply with some feedback of understanding; you can't accuse people of "spamming" and close out a topic in a matter of minutes, TWICE!


Thank you Faceless, I will appreciate it and I'm sure it doesn't speak of everyone in the company.


I hope to continue your awesome service as well.

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  • Administrator

You opened topics in general area when it should have been in the game's VIP forum section.

You have gotten a clear description what it does.


Sorry if this makes you stop using our products. I'm a very laid back person and hang around discord so what you're claiming is not true.

Instead of being this hurt over something so meaningless why not join our discord and talk with other people etc who would be more than happy to give tips and tricks?



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I apologize for opening a topic under the wrong catergory, I wasn't aware.


Although you might assume that I received a clear description, I still didn't understand. Sorry for being inept.


So I pay for a monthly service and you want me to seek "tips and tricks" in discord...? instead of making sure the customer is understood? 


You're a joke. 

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