Aging Makes the Sweat Harder

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Sup bois. This game is one of the only ways I can keep touch with my cousin who is stationed far away. Of course the older I get the harder it is to sweat and meme on the enemy when I'm just trying to bond with my bro. So this right here just makes it ez pz. We've done some dumb hilarious shenanigans since I got this. Def worth it to me.

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19 hours ago, lvcrxrcr said:

HAHA I know exactly what you mean with age.   Reflexes start falling fast after 30.   I used to be accused of hacking all the time when I wasn't.  Now that Im 35, I'm better than average in FPS games but no longer the best.  The cheats just make it fun and easy to make people mad.

Likewise, my eyes have turned to mush and can't react to what I don't notice anymore. This coming from a guy who had sponsorship back in BF3.

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Kind of late response to your introduction, but I enjoy reading peoples intros.


Anyways, welcome to Chods and I hope you enjoy your stay. I also must admit that I use Chods products since it lets me bond with friends in competitive games that would require to much focus and sweat to barley enjoy without Cheats.


:) Once again, Welcome!

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