Dead By daylight Review

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I will format this review with points to make it easier, ESP, Detection, Misc, Customer Service, Spoofer, and Features.


ESP: The ESP is basically 2D boxes not charms, but its not to say its hard to know where the killer is, you always know where everyone else is with no problem

not to mention the ESP for Gens ,totems , and more, your always at an advantage. It is very easy to use and separated so YOU can chose what you want on your screen. 10/10


Detection: The website AND client both have the cheat status on them, so if you ever wonder make sure to check, but in short words, using every feature in this cheat

nothing gets detected, just follow the guides and instructions of staff. (It is how you use the cheat that gets you banned) 10/10


Misc:  The Misc choices are really fun to use in my opinion. I always laugh and enjoy it way too much since you can see the killers reaction to you just instantly disappearing.

Some are risky to use but not for detection purposes but for risk of people seeing you then reporting.(Luckily the sexy Devs labeled it as risky next to those ones) 10/10


Customer Service: The customer service is great, you get a reply quickly and you also are supplied with a lot of information on how to do things on your own

so in case the staff aren't on, you can try figuring it out your self. They are kind and very patient with people. 10/10


Features: The cheat has a variety of features and they all work, it's not something like, oh this works but this is buggy, nah all of them work perfectly. 10/10


Spoofer: I can't really rate it because it has been disabled, but I will update as soon as we are able to use. +/-

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