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I'm a Chinese so I will use two languages to say my feeling with chodscheat

at first, let's give a score and share how to use legit



ESP means u can see totems/hatch/hook/check in the map , havnt FPS drop for me and its useful .



Skill check:10/10

u can auto get perfect skill check and u dont neet to press SPACE , just keep cilck your mouse and waiting for gen done , the default config is good , dont need to change , but dont forget set SPACE to do skill check tho.




Its a risk hack but i try it in my second account , its still not get banned now , click once time = 1,000,000 blood point .




set speed value = 500 , killer speed is 460(4.6), when normal time use shift+W = no speedhack , the killer is close then use W , you will get 5.0 speed and let kill eat your fart , and the  limit speed is more than 500 , u can choose it , rage or legit .

屠夫移速4.6 你的移速5.0 不想演的时候你可以移速20跑的比拉锯还快



killer cant hit you when you open this , i always use it when killer close enough and just runayay , the useful way is when killer be the face camp dog , u can use this to save your girl (if you have).




Press F3 -> Heal myself with 1 second 

100% out of the hook

teleport to closest player

i havnt use that 3 hack cause i dont need 




before you need support , please read the guides for inject , dont make support too tired . and they will reply you so fucking fast dude .

if you need teamviewer please set your computer language be english .




Suggest:maybe u can let user  choose press what key to toggle , F6 F7 is so disgusting。

i use risk hack and rage in 1 week , still not got banned by the way .  im rank 1 now


Get Good Get ChodsCheat.

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9 hours ago, Fionaade said:





其次,商品信息表示目前支持64bit Windows 10 (1809-1909)版本系统。


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7 hours ago, 邪恶皮脸 said:




完全,商品信息表示当前支持64位Windows 10(1809-1909)版本系统。


请问你用的是什么VPN 能说一下嘛,我的VPN完全不行啊

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