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Dev and Admin read this Plz


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Hi Boys,

As you May notice i'm a "old" customer of yours, like i always say your the best Hack provider in the world no doubt of that with a "great community" on the forum this website for me is all i ever wanted for the cheating community.
Anyway i'm not here to speak about love i'm here to speak about WAR and i bring you this info From the Private scene of Tarkov Hack ( btw I MISS YOU SO MUCH GUYS PLZ GO ONLINE XD <3).
Yesterday the Private scene got hit hard by a ban wave cause BA implemented SABER anti-cheat during the day. And i know from an other Dev that We got ban cause SABER is Monitoring KEY STROKES so that it's i'm sure you already know but i wanted to be sure you can be ready for this kind of anti cheat before release ❤️
Good luck and don't forget :


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Jesus, this "In Chods we trust" shit is cringy af. Dont get me wrong, i REALLY want Chod to get EFT hack back on its legs, but he is literally just human, and even then outnumbered by a whole AC company. Higher you set your expectations, the more disappointing it will feel if the cheat comes out. 

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