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Has the Chatbox been removed?


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I'm pretty confused on this as well. I renewed the EFT cheat for a month on Monday for access to the chatbox/cheat update section of the forums and to be able to have access as soon as the cheat goes live before next week when I get paid, yet I just had that payment refunded, and thus lost my customer tag.


Given that Sofly said that renewing is fine, I'm a little confused at this point.


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On 11/5/2019 at 4:32 AM, sofly1911 said:

Currently you can't renew the cheat because its still being worked on, we have temporarily set it as "out of stock" until its updated.

??? He definitely didnt. Its probably updated to £99 because people keep renewing after being told there would be a price change. And trying to get the cheat nice and cheap. I mean the forums is pretty active at the moment anyway and the mods are very good at updating us when things go live. Just keep refreshing cheat status my guys

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That is correct. 

The price is to avoid renews at the old price. And if your subscription has ran out the system will automatically give you back the lost time once its active, but if we play with it now and give out the customers badge because you want to talk in chatbox it will ruin a lot of things and make huge setbacks delaying it for everyone. Lets make this easy to recover not harder.

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This shoutbox is so unfair. Like, when you removed it from us I was sad but could live with it. Now its back but I cant type?

You put candy in front of me and I have no way how to eat it. Thats torture and as per the United Nations Convention against Torture (see wiki if you dont know) I demand that you stop torturing me :D


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