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A Quick Motivation and Recommendation Chod MUST READ!


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Hi, there this is aimed for Chod as I feel like this will be a good incentive for you and to give people hope, basically I propose a system like keep the current pricing for EFT and other cheats but make it so we can pay in at the current price for the cheese but as we can expect price changes to go up for this hopefully unrivalled protection from the Anti-cheese system (cause who wants to keep buying EFT accounts) because of how complex it is and the man hours put into it so this system will allow your financial support to continue and will give people a valid reason to buy in early before prices go up and the subscription starts when the cheat go's fully live for everyone.


My Experience With CHOD'S  

Personally Chod's has never let me down I have never been banned on EFT with them even using blatant and RAGE type of settings there protection is a absolute guarantee so when Chod says this will protect us I believe him 100% on that.


Summary (for lazy people)

Basically Chod should let us by a subscription at the current prices before there back up to keep finical support and incentivise people to buy it before prices go up and they still get the full subscription with the new cheat before it comes out.


@Chod Thanks

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