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Chod takes care of his users. If that means that the cheat will go offline intermittently, that's what will happen. He'll take the cheat down to protect his userbase. I've noticed a lot of the users in these forums are getting SO bent out of shape about this. "We paid for the service, this is unacceptable, he should sacrifice his sleep for the cheat, etc, etc..". These people are just idiots. If you're grown and mature enough, you'll realize that sometimes things happen. Instant gratification doesn't always happen.






The ESP is great. Customizable loot filters. Want to only show Processors or Defibs? Type it in and you can bee-line right to it. Players can be drawn with a skeleton, a box, or just plain wallhack. 



Aimbot is iffy. Works as intended most of the time, but it's bugged out on me enough times to make note of it's issues. It doesn't work great against flashlights. If you peek a corner into a flashlight, your aimbot will snap above his head, rendering it useless. If you're ever facing another hacker, maybe keep this trick in your back pocket ;). Also, sometimes it just bugs out and locks on in random space to the side of your target, but a quick game restart will fix it. Stuff happens, we're adults, we can deal with it. Not THAT bad. (Might've also killed myself with a silent aimbot one time??)



Overall, this cheat is great. Definitely seems safe. Cheat with intelligence and you SHOULD be fine. If you rage hack, get reported, and get banned.. Don't blame Chod.. Blame yourself. He can fix the detection of his cheats but he can't fix stupid.]




This cheat fits all of my needs. I'm not longing for any features. Aimbot and ESP is all I really need. 8.5/10 overall, just because the aimbot bugs out sometimes.

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