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1 month Tarkov review


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My experience here as been fantastic. There was very little downtime and the staff seemingly works around the clock to respond to every update.
The program itself is very neat with a lot of features. All of it works as it should and lets you customize everything to your liking. It has little to no impact on your framerate and never crashed for me, except for the times it was meant to due to a security update.

The miscellaneous features, such as grabbing items through the walls or opening doors from a distance, make the game even more fun. 

The security seems top notch. You guys worked hard to quickly respond to any updates and keep the hack operational, even at night during the weekends. I appreciated that immensely. Furthermore, there was one ban wave during my time and I'm still undetected.

I will likely renew my subscription at some point and will definitely consider Chod's for any other cheats. Keep up the good work!

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