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Linky says Hi


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It's about time so here goes,


name's Linky (real name will remain undisclosed). In real life I'm a journalist and TV/Youtube host for a big multinational broadcaster (no bullshit). I also offer media and strategy consultations for governments (yeah, I'm that shadow guy who spin doctors anything bad to look good. Hate me), so I don't have a lot of time for games. I play almost always very late at night or early in the morning, and my friends and colleagues don't play games (because they have metal sticks up their arses). Oh yeah, and my work takes me to some really fucked up places around the world, so I learned to handle weapons and basic room-clearing tactics from my trusty companions/guards ?


(And I get invited to a lot of movie special effects sets to watch stunts... I love that)


I can't for the love of anything holy develop the awareness of scavs and other players in Tarkov, and I really enjoy phat loot, and hate getting domed every 5 minutes. So I did my research and found Chod to have a high probability of not getting my account banned. So I subbed


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