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Hi, i have been using chod cheats for eft fo nearly half a year now with both ups and downs so i feel like i can give an honest to god review.


-safety: over my period of cheating, i have only been banned once during the first huge of bans that hit everyone provider. and i have used all features including teleport and fly hacks when it was still a thing. 

-features: although as of recent chod has decided that some features are unsafe, there's still many features such as no visor changing time of the day that's not seen else ware. inaddition he is still pushing out quality of life ones like status and ammo count. this shows that he is not kicking back and just collecting paycheck but rather being innovative. that also reasures me in the future and the longevity of the cheat. 

-support: staff is constanly invovled in the community and quick replies(within 24hrs) makes me feel appriciated as a customer

-price: for what i'm paying for, especially the longer subs it's really cheap. new features, good safty measures, fast support. honestly it's better than what most gave devs will offer these days

Despite all that, chod;s is not without ti's flaws


-Down time: with what seems like chod not working on the weekends and being ths sole dev for eft cheats, and eft devs keep pushing out micro patches it can be very annoying for many who sees the cheat is online for a couple hrs then it being down as soon as they have time to play. 

-Bugs: although i said it's good to see that chod is constantly working on the cheat and pushing out new features, some of the bugs that can happen will fustrate you. for example aimbot not being 100% on pt all the time, and for me personaly it would jerk to the left of the target occasionaly. and it's hard to pin pt on how to deal with the bug making it worse. 


conclusion chod's eft cheat is 100/10 when it's working and definitely worth the price. but some downtime and occasional bugs can make people frustrated and  upi can see that in chatbox. but that's also a good thing because theya re only complaing and not leaving because they know most of the time when it's good, it's REAL good

fyi i don't konw forsure if chod actually is the sole developer and don't work on weeekends even if the cheat is down but that's what everyone says 

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