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I Just Purchased EFT Cheat


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I just purchased the EFT cheat and I read in the FAQ it should go through almost instantly, but I'm coming up on an hour and it still says pending, and I sent a message to support, but haven't heard anything. Im curious if anyone knows what could be causing this, or if this is totally normal? And I was also wonder, after the purchase does go through, how do you download it, and why is a flash drive needed? Sorry this is my first time using anything like this and I'm a bit lost but very eager to get started!

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https://chods-cheats.com/customer-area/ ...

1- at the top left there is a vove that allows you to download your loader
usb serves (as faceless explained to you)
2- for greater security.
after the launch of the cheat the chiavettausb is virtually expelled from your PC (in fact it will no longer be present in the peripherals of your PC ..
if the anticheat scans it finds no trace of the leader. good stay in cho community ..

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