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Favorite weapons/weapon setups in tarkov?!


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I can take in a sr1mp and walk out with out a full kit in labs, nearly every single time. I usually take 1 f1 with me and some meds as in my gamma. I've been making some killer $$$ 
You should also try the FAL osw, yunno the one with rails? put a nice optic on it, foregrip and throw some 30 rounder mags in it. Fucken mint gun, melts through helmets like a chod through cheese. lol. If you want, PM me and ill give you my discord.

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To gear up, i just like to do a scav raid and get as many 153-shotguns and sks as possible.

The shotguns with 8shells and headshots are really really strong. And the sks with the 7.62 ammo is also really strong, and actually useful for pvp.

Both of these are a great option because they are easy to get, but very powerful with the cheats.

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