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I actually thought I posted one of these already. Oh well better late than never I suppose.


I've been a customer for a few months now. I originally started cheesing in Tarkov because in patch 0.8 and 0.9 the amount of cheaters were insane--at least 1/5 people. I started with another provider, but quickly grew tired of their lackluster cheat. With a little bit of googling I found Chod's and bought a subscription within five minutes of finding this website. The first impression I had of the cheat was that it was really clean. For those who have experienced said other providers' product they will know exactly what I mean. Chod's menu looks extremely well done. Not to mention that it has functionality that I haven't seen from any other provider. The features work as you would expect them to. I've been cheesing through four major ban waves, and still haven't been caught. Have gone all the way up to level 50 in the past two wipes, and although I don't rage, I'm not exactly a closet hacker either.


The only negative thing that I can say about it is that the aimbot is hit-or-miss, literally. Using the manual aimbot, if the target is walking left/right, there is a good chance your shot will miss. YMMV and with the various different weapons in the game, some work better with the aimbot and others not so well. That being said, Chod's also offers a feature called "Silent Aim" which I have found to work exceptionally well (another feature other providers do not have yet).


All in all I cannot recommend this product any more enthusiastically. Everything about the product is geared towards making their customers as safe as can be. They are more than generous about comping down-time to their active subs, and the support team is very knowledgeable and friendly from my experience. If you are on the fence about purchasing a sub just do it. You won't regret it!


Happy Cheesing! :D

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