What about the days back?

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Hi there.

The cheat was off/inactive for 3 days and I asked in the forums if we were getting our days back, and yesterday my cheat stopped working. Because it ended on 2th December. I thought I still had 3 days as promised.

So, they don't give our lost days back? I am a customer and I'm going to buy Chods again, every month. However, I still have no money. Only on 10th. I would really like to receive my 3 days off, back. Because I paid for those 3 days and the cheat was inactive/not working/updating.

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Yes @Faceless, but it wasn't online. It said "updating" and it wasn't working. We couldn't even load the cheat when the Danger Zone update came. :/


I'm not lying, nor trying to "rob" or "ask" for more days. I'm asking politely here because everyone was saying that we'd get our days back when it wasn't working. I tried opening the cheat for 3 days straight and it wasn't working. Not only for me but for everyone, also my friends.

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4 hours ago, whodis said:

I've also created a Ticket @faceless

Best way to go about this if you ever have issues again with a cheat. The staff here are pretty good about recognizing the situation in a support ticket. The cheat I believe was online for the past week, if a cheat doesn't work when it is online I would definitely put a ticket in for future reference :)

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