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eft cheese review


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I've been using the cheat for a few weeks now and I feel like it's time for a review


-The safety of this cheat seems to be really good in the time I've been using it there has been quite a bit of downtime but in return I've survived 2 rather large scale banwaves so I believe this to be a good trade off especially since the downtime is compensated for anyway


-The ambot is generally on point although some time it will jot off far the the side of someone I don't usually find this to be a problem I just toggle it off and engage normally since I like to keep my gov at 2 it's more to keep my aim on the person than to snap to the anyway


- The ESP is great the only problem  is that face shields tend to make it less Acurrate although no visor seems to fix this anyway, also ESP through scopes is inaccurate but I'm not locks you on target properly anyway so it doesn't bother me


-Speaking of no visor this feature is highly recommended the is a big with it where it won't work at first but if you toggle night vision it fixes itself


-Auto unlocked...I used this at first when I didn't have keys but stopped using it afterward it seems to be disabled now though probably for the best always seemed a little sketchy it's easy to open a door on shoreline that's not supposed to be opened


-Loot to me I've used this one a lot it seems to work great in shoreline as you can still pickup loose valuables good for farming money when you really need it...you gotta turn off safe mode for this one though so use with caution


-if you've been playing for long periods of time I've noticed a bug where most cheese feature won't load on raid you still keep a few features like no recoil but lose aimbot and ESP a quick reload solves this   


All in all its a great cheat that prioritizes safety of its player base than get in rage back get banned rinse and repeat and I'm all for that I'd rather play a few days legit than have to buy a new account every week so for all the above reasons 9/10

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