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  1. chods definitely has alot lower detection rate! and the only reason its down on weekends is becasue chod is the coder for eft and those are the days he takes off
  2. it should be added on once its back up
  3. good thing my is totally different
  4. welcome to the cummunity man! hope u stick around😃
  5. anime: cowboy bebop my hero academia one punch man sailor moon one piece movies: akira ghost in the shell blade runner 2049 blade runner cowboy bebop movie ready player one series: game of thrones the pacific band of brothers how i met you rmother the office
  6. i used to listen to alot of dubstep and jump up. then like porter and jai wolf
  7. a few days but being the ammount of updates coming expect it to be down a little longer then usual prolly. youll be credidted back all the days its down back to your subscription
  8. 1000% always worth the wait. im about 5 months of usage now and no ban shits great
  9. i listen to edm too!! what genres man
  10. tarkov cheats are daaaaaaaank
  11. usually just a few days!! patch was small so dont expect too long 😊
  12. just be checking the update section and cheat status! they do the best they can!
  13. whats up man welcome back!
  14. Hello everyone!!! starting a discussion about everyones favorite music!! post ur fav songs bands or whatever! mine are: pop punk: grayscale counterparts tssf driveways sudden suspension emo rap: lil peep shinigami lil lotus guardin deadbeaten nothing nowhere
  15. is there a post anywhere breaking down how the titles and forum rankings work? im curious!
  16. been atleast 4 or 5 months straight no issues. just avoid being sketchy towards twitch streamers and ur good amirite
  17. Aimbot: 6/10 can be buggy at times but for the most part it works as it should without too many issues. esp: 9/10 esp is hands down the best part of this cheat and often is my favorite feature. very detailed and well oriented never had an issue with it miscellaneous: 7/10 a few extra quality of life features to help make the game more enjoyable in here. nothing crazy but def happy with the features available. (although i wish we still had autounlocker 🙃.) i know im leaving a few features out of this cheat in my review but honestly i really can
  18. honestly couldnt have said it better myself. love this site and the community on it. cheats are great as well. easily the best tarkov cheat for the money aroubd right now
  19. Running everything as administrator like supposed to and my game continually crashes almost immediately. Says its supposed to be up and running but this has happened 5 times mid game now