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Cheesing Introduction


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Well, I've been here for a while, never thought that I would actually do an introduction but now it's here.

Name: Nicholas // Nick // GhillieNiick

Occupation: School Student // KFC Employee // Cheeser

Country: Australia


Information: Well, I've been a hacker since I was 6 when I got introduced to MW2, started making hacked lobbies for my friends and random people. Ever since then I've been switching around on providers, never thought I would stay with one, until now. Wanted to start doing youtube for cheating but never got the time to, well I never set my self to do so. I'm going to start soon, advertising the one and only Chods Cheats, ever since I tried out the CS:GO cheat I've been in love with Chods Cheats. Then when EFT cheat came out I tried that, loved it to pieces left, right and center. Going to love new products of Chods and it doesn't look like I'm leaving for a long time.


Signature: Skeetus. Yeetus



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