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  1. here is a thread you can vote on for new cheats, not sure if its just something ppl would want or if chod takes this into considerations. but maybe you can ask for GTA V to be added to the poll.
  2. i dont think it was a lag switch. im pretty sure it was an invisible scav. i use radar and there were no other player/bots around us for a ways.
  3. ok so twice now a buddy and i have taken damage and no one was around, once on shoreline inside resort in a hall with no windows, and second on customs while looting scav boss at gas station. the first time on shoreline we just healed and ran to extract, the damage stopped as we ran, but the moment we got still or slowed by extract it started up again. And then on customs, i was one tapped by a scav when no one was around, then my buddy started taking damage and died. has anyone ran into this???
  4. on the menu bar on the top right there is a selection for "member area" click there then make sure there is an active subscription to "Escape from Tarkov Cheat". if you have that, over to the left you will see a menu and select "download client" make sure you download it to an external thumb drive so you can remove the program after you have launched it and it has started in game.
  5. this is the first time ive ever used a cheat in my 20+ years of gaming so im def still new to this and trying to gauge the line i can run. thanks for the imput again.
  6. ok thank you for the input, ill stay away from it. also how risky is the auto unlocker?
  7. did not get to try it again, buddies got hurt and so we got out of there asap. will update tomorrow.
  8. do you recommend using this or not?
  9. im 100% sure i interacted with it, but i dont know if it was there back at the game screen, i will try it again at the end of the raid and let you know for sure.
  10. no when i did it in customs during an online match, i picked up rubles and dollars. and it definitely went into my inventory.
  11. actually you can interact with it. i took rubles and dollars.
  12. So i tried this option in an offline mode. i was supprised because i didnt think that it was running. i did it in a game with 5 mins left and no other players other than my team, again it worked, but my buddies could not see the loot. So my questions are: 1) Should they be able to see the loot? 2) Is this something i can only see because the loot is still in its spawned place for others in the game? 3) Will using the loot to me feature cause me more likely to be banned? Thank you for your time.