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Steam Acc Special AUCTION


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Okay guys i have a crazy idea (maybe) 
I create an auction with my steam account 
https://prntscr.com/kypa1d ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/blackworm84/ ) this link is not advertise :P
new game on account SCUM, Shadow of the tombraider . named games , darksouls 3 +all dlc , dishonoed 2 , payday 2 28/32 dlc , Dying light , hellblade seuna's sacrefice , Middle Earth Shadow war +all dlc , RainbowSixSiege, and lots more. 

As u have seen i try to sell this acc many times for charity ( charity link in private if u need )
But now i start auction 

Start Prize : 150$
Bid min: 10$

Auction end tomorrow 23:00 CET ( 2018 09 26 )

the trade ONLY with middleman!

( yes i can sell for 160$ if no one bid it higher ) 

psi: my Sis need monthly 150$ thats why start 150$ , and please stop trolling.. if you do not care this just scroll up Thanks. 

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2 hours ago, ahoihack said:

Sorry but this is way too expensive for such an account.

really? 4games with dlc more than 150$ ( on g2a ) 

1 hour ago, P A R A D O X said:

you NEVER get the money back that you spent on the games, never

True :)

1 hour ago, Noah33 said:

It's not a terrible price but it's finding someone wanting the account lol Steam accounts don't sell a lot regardless of their online prices.

if I could sell my kidney, I'd sell it! ^^


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