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Looking for a Steam registry key remover


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Hello everyone!

Just wondering if there is a script/program that can remove all registry keys from Steam.
Why you might ask: Because I cheat on Team Fortress 2 and some other source engine games a lot and don't want Valve to track back to my main account.

Kindly regards, Joro.

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16 minutes ago, GhillieNiick said:

There is one but it's on a different forum page that I do not want to say as it is against rules pretty sure to say other things.

Technically if Chod doesn't provide it then is it against the rules? ? Since it's not another provider but a provider of something Chod isn't competing against - MIND BLOWN. Loophole them rules.

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33 minutes ago, Crookzie said:

Joro, provide me with the registry locations and I can make a small tool, maybe provide it to the Chod community

To be completely honest I don't know the exact location of the steam registry key is :(
I only know where have been some "steam registry cleaner 4.20.1337" on some other forums but can not find them.

If you know and want to make this tool open for everyone else go for it :) 

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35 minutes ago, Crookzie said:

ah sorry, yeah it's Customer only, my bad... I missed that!


edit: Seems like a good reason to become part of our Community :)

Actually was a customer a few months ago but for some weird reason, I could not renew my subscription even do I have enough to pay for it. Gonna try tomorrow and see if it works when the salary roll in :) 

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