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So, you wanna know if Chod has got the goods. YES HE BLOODY DOES!!!!!


So i've been using this cheese sparingly on a separate account as not to risk my EOD edition, and i advise you do the same. I was unlucky enough to be caught in the first ban wave and that was a bummer. HOWEVER, this cheese is amazing. For the most part i've only really used ESP and that's about it, i'm confident in my aim to hit its mark. Anyway, the no recoil, and assorted weapon hacks are amazing as you shoot laser accurate. I personally stayed away from the rage style hacks like no clip and flying as i don't want to be caught.


The best way i have found to play with this cheese is not to directly rely on it and hunt down players thru walls, but rather use it as if u have a radar. You actively know where everyone is, and if you start to get cornered and closed in on, then find a nice hole to hide in and shoulder you rifle at the door.

Also item ESP, the item ESP is unparalleled. The ability to see inside crates, containers and see the pocket and backpack inventory of Players and Scavs is amazing. Especially if you're hunting for specific items!

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