How can I avoid manual ban tarkov

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First of all dont rage. Also dont be shooting people you obviously cant see normally. Use some legit configs people have posted. A suspicious K/D is really personal opinion. Mine hovers around 10 and I've been fine so far.

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Best way to avoide manuel ban is to be play smart!


dont pre fire corners / nade ppl u cant see

dont chase ppl down, i see alot of ppl following me if iam changing pos, but a normal player would not know that iam moveing, so if you chase them down.

keep your stats at a decent amout, sometimes its better to die fully geared so it looks like your not only dieing as a hatchet, keep your k/d below 15(i tend to stay below 5) except when doing the kill x scav quests.

dont ab ppl from a mile away but this again goes to play smart

dont look at ppl through walls and so on.


ofcourse you can never be "safe" when your useing cheat and ever the ppl only useing radar do get banned, but if you play smart your at a much lower risk then ppl "rageing"

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9 hours ago, DoctorRise said:

@Firechicken do you only use the safe mode? Ive been getting shit on by other ppl that are using aimbot and such. Any tips?

Right now you cant use the features that safe mode disables anyway. Aimbot can still be used but yes that happens a lot because there's a lot of people using it. I try to play like I don't have anything so as not to be obvious

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