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Hey fellas wanna hear something cool about this cheat? of course you do. I've used a lot of cheats for Tarkov since chod's Tarkov cheat went down due to the banwave and let me tell you something, they all sucked. However, chod's EFT cheat is amazing and I love every single feature. Wanna be high as fuck as you run into Tarkov? Well you can do that. Wanna kill someone fully geared with just one shot of a makarov? you can do it, kinda a dick move but you can do it. Wanna find all the keys with amazing ESP features? you can do that, you can also see what's inside of containers to see if it's actually worth opening or not. This is a damn good cheat, and I'm glad I bought it, if you're looking for a good EFT cheat, one with plenty of features, this is the one.

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