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I just use the ESP, and when I see someone clearly abusing (I say abusing but really I just mean using all the options) I'll turn on my no sway / recoil, and aim bot.


When you're first loading it up I'd suggest go into a match and just sit in a Bush fiddling with the settings since there's a ton of options for visuals. Ya know, get the distance at which you want to see others, get different colors for loot/ gear people have on, and then go on your Mary way. And to be honest I've only had one issue with the cheat. Sometimes the aim bot just will not hit anything I'm trying to hit, but you simply just turn the "aim bot" option off and on again and it'll work correctly. The chods team is more than helpful if you need any help, and have great security. Just recently there was a ban wave for our cheats, yes. But that was the first time the m this eft cheat was detected in around a year. So if great cheats and security are something you yearn for, this is by far the best place to go.


I would like to thank the entire team for all the work they'd accomplished and wish yall luck!





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