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Anyways on with the review...

aimbot is one of the big things that a lot of people look for. And when they find it they expect a few things...

1. Quick

2. Undected

3. Smooth

and the EFT aimbot has all of the things not to mention the options to adjust the speed of said aimbot and where the aimbot snaps too on the characters body may it be the head, chest, pelvis etc...

now lets get into the other great features like ESP. I want to start of by saying it works beyond expectation. Having the skeleton of the individual and the way they are standing and in what direction makes the ESP beyond words. Not only does the ESP provide location but information on items around the map.

Just two of the great features that Chod Cheats have to offer for EFT.


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Hello Guys!


I am Customer since ~5 months!


Devs are working hard on EFT - Devs are also creating and coding Chees'es About EFT!

So, thats an Cat'n'Mouse game! - They Say :D


So i knew a EFT/BSG Developer, i am in Contact with him, and he's coding for a Cheese, but he's out of time, cause he must bring the Cheese online in ~01/08/18@16:00MESZ !
If the Cheese not go Online, the BSG Dev is loosing some "Hands" :D (Veryvery much Money)...


But...i trust not this "Friend" cause he is besides the BSG Team and the Cheese dev Team...

I Trust Chod, cause he does take the Cheese off if its *Un-Safe* ! 

E// If i can get some Infos, of Code or something i DONT SHARE IT! - I will PM Chod @ PrivateMessage! !

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