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My friend who is very full of himself and likes to pretend to know alot of stuff he doesnt (one of those dudes), tells me he has 'looked through the eft files' and says that there is ZERO a/c in the game. For anyone who knows, how much of an a/c does Tarkov? Is it server sided or something client sided?


EDIT: The only reason I say this is because he doesnt even know enough about computers to find the tarkov folder

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@GeraltOfRivia are u sure he was only using the macro? that´s weird, i readed that they don´t ban for macros (yet). I´ve been using a macro to buy faster for a month +- without problem. 


PD: their a/c it´s mostly server side for what i know.


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At the beginning, BSG was using an extremely basic AC, which detected only programs typically used by cheesers, such as Cheat Engine, things like that. Currently, they are improving the CA, while looking for patterns in the game data of suspicious players, with the intention of doing manual ban.


The point is that we are safe, because Chod is always one step ahead. Hope this helps.

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