What brings yall here?


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We know what we do here but I'm curious what everyone's story is for coming to this site and even these forums? I am curious to see other people's perspectives on things. EFT maybe the only thing I get cheats for personally . I just got sick of all the aimbot scavs, glitches and massive hackers. I still never experienced a flying Bear. But one day .....one day.....

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Honestly I came because i needed something to use to make trades safely...we had a group that we had a back log of people ready to do trades, so I signed up for a month after doing research on Chods, did the trades safely and all was well....THEN, I fell in love with the community, the cheese and everything else...been here since...I have an account I just mess around with on EFT, and I have a lot of fun with the cheez.. I try to leave low level pewople alone and help them (low level non-cheezers) however I can... Thats pretty much it! Cheers mate

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