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I've been using the cheeseroni since 5/30/18, and this is the only paid cheat that I've ever used, so I thought I'd leave a review.


Aimbot - 8/10, sometimes when I peek around a corner / an object, the aimbot will lock onto the left or the right of the person, causing me to either die or go back behind cover, disable the aimbot manually, and re-peek to be able to kill them, because when it's locked onto the left or the right of a person it's always locked onto that spot until I kill them.


ESP - 10/10, I love being able to see items in containers like lootable boxes and peoples backpacks so I can find those silencers, bitcoins, and people trading ICases.


Misc - 9/10, the miscellaneous tab has lots of neat stuff, but the thing that I'm most concerned with is the speedhack. It seems to speed up the clients game completely, based on the percentage you're using. Which makes it kind of hard to tell what's going on most of the time because everything is moving at the speed of sound. Your footsteps are faster, SCAV and PMC footsteps are faster, trees move faster, and I'm not sure if it only makes the sound of it but your gun shoots faster and your mags reload / load faster which can be an advantage. Very weird, but also helpful at times. Also the unlock all doors feature doesn't work on cars, but who cares about those.


Detectability - 10/10, I've been speedhacking, aimbotting, wallhacking, using superbullets, unlocking every door, basically everything I can use since I bought it on 5/30 and I still haven't been caught, which to me is insane but it proves how safe Chod is with his updates.


All around I love the cheat, I've been recommended others but I just like the layout and how good all the features work, I know where everything is and how it all works. Completely recommend this, and don't think that just because everything wasn't 10/10 that it means it's bad because in my opinion it's the best out there.


Also Chod, any possible way that you could add binds, like a enable / disable bind for aimbot / speedhack? If it's already there and I don't know please let me know :) it'd be very helpful. Thank you!



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