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TRADED ON UNTRUSTED ACCOUNT!!!!! Maybe a method? (Try and reply)


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To be completely honest, I have no idea what happened, but maybe you guys can repeat what I did and be able to trade some of your nice stuff you lost to.

(backstory; isnt really pertinent): So today I was trading all day and got my m4 asiimov and a lot of keys from different people from some random guys onto my new clean main

(The Trade and how it happened): After having not signed on to my old untrusted main for about 22 days exactly, I decided to try to attempt trade all of my stuff. I sent a trade request using the steam website from my old untrusted main to my new account with all my really nice expensive items, and it went through no problems. I then got a error when trying to accept the trade on my new account through the steam client saying "There was an error accepting this trade offer. Please try again later. (11)". I restarted steam, and when I looked at my trade history the one with my old untrusted accounts went through and I had all the items in my new accounts inventory!!! Sorry if this is semi-bragging, but I figured it could possibly be a method for anyone else if it does work! Sorry if this thread is really hyped, I'm just super excited to get my shit back haha.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: (This may be pertinent so I will leave it here) My account was NOT a untrusted converted to a vac ban! It had always stayed as UNTRUSTED. These accounts like mine were ones that came with the first initial version 1 chods ban wave not the 2nd or 3rd waves that followed. If you guys want me to add pics that I took for proof I can.

Side Note: I have not heard of anyone doing this, I am sorry ahead of time if people already knew about this.

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this is just been possible after recent update.

Because since then u can trade within certain circumstances and also able to SELL the items instead of trading while u have OW/Untrusted.

BUT: last time this was possible, everyone who used it got trade banned on the new accounts. Steam tracks these things since some time now so plz trade it to a spare trash account before shipping to ur main acc.

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I'd assume this is a side effect of the most recent update rather than an intentional change. Anyone who wants to do this better hurry up before they patch it again.

trade it to a spare trash account before shipping to ur main acc.
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Pretty sure you can send a request from the steam browser, so you just need to log on to that account and go into a game and open up steamui and go from there.

not possible if from browser , needed 7 days to trade. logged on from new device. tried 3 acc's already.

You have logged in from a new device. In order to protect the items in your inventory, you will be unable to trade from this device for 7 days.

1) i think only untrusted works though , vac bans doesn't.

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