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  1. Illuminat

    update soon?

    Security > all That's what I like about chods since I got my CsGo subscription back in 2014. Just wait a little bit and the product will be back in a short amount of time with great stability and security 😈
  2. generally Hello elitepvpers, I want to offer my csgo rank boost service. I will play with you until you get the rank you want, there is no risk for getting banned so you dont need to worry. I'm a known hacker and know how to play in legit/rage mode, so I bring good experience for boosting. prices I offer almost a free boost service, I only need a Cs:Go gift for playing. If you think you dont have the money for buying a key then you can pay in skins. in addition to that you can make me an offer like give me some other stuff . I can boost to SILVER I SILVER II SILVER III SILVER IV SILVER ELITE SILVER ELITE MASTER(SEM) Gold Nova I Gold Nova II Gold Nova III Gold Nova Master(GNM) Master Guardian I Master Guardian II Master Guardian Elite(MGE) Distinguished Master Guardian(DMG) Legendary Eagle(LE) Legendary Eagle Master(LEM) Supreme Master First Class(SMFC,SUPREME) The Global Elite(TGE,GE) Contact: Skype: illuminatboosting IMPORTANT !!! I DONT GO FIRST BECAUSE IT IS NORMAL IN THIS BUSINESS VOUCH ONLY FOR VERY TRUSTED MEMBERS ! EZWINS IN HvH GAMES
  3. welcome back fegget :cool:
  4. Nice to see you here I know you from other cheat sites.
  5. sup' hope you enjoy your stay here, global elite is ez pz lmn sqz with this cheat u know
  6. Yes, you need to download the new client for hacking. Login into the panel, there you can download the new client
  7. In my oppinion the white one was also very nice and clean. This one is also good but I prefer the white one :3
  8. I want to set my avatar to :mad:
  9. This is the awesome music thread, post your favorite songs ♥ (every fckn forum need this shit !) I do the first step: [video=youtube;UqjHA5OtDls]
  10. Chod need to update the offset's so wait, he will fix it A$AP btw nice changes for MM:
  11. I think the sales are open, I purchased with paypal but don't know if google wallet works
  12. Welcome back nigga, hope you enjoy your stay here and happy cheating feg ♥
  13. I think 55€ is very expensive because everyone can get to global with free hacks in like 25 games.
  14. thank you ♥ //close request
  15. Illuminat

    Dear lord:

    cheat is back or only the forum atm ?! regards, Illuminat ♥
  16. <p>DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN ! Auch hier ?</p>

  17. Is only the forum back or the cheat to, want to know it so damn HARD