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  1. They will not give you a refund, I'm sorry. There's been a few similar threads but every single one of the others have been denied refunds.
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    Sup gais

    Welcome karnitine!
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    Hi and welcome to Chod's Cheats!
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    Welcome to the site, roboranx!
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    Imprz here

    Oh I remember you, welcome back my fellow Swede! LEDSEN?
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    Welcome back to the new Chod's Cheats!
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    sup sup sup Welcome back.
  8. Every member who had a subscription during the downtime, will get the extra month added.
  9. Welcome back to the new Chod's Cheats!
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    Welcome to Chod's Cheats! Feel free to take a look in the config section if you want premade meant-to-be-safe configs. If you need any support then feel free to ask such questions in the support section where both the staff and members, including me, will try to assist as much as possible.
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    Gaming Notebook

    Alienware's not bad, but you can definitely get something better for a lower price. Alienware is just paying for the brand.
  12. I'd assume this is a side effect of the most recent update rather than an intentional change. Anyone who wants to do this better hurry up before they patch it again.
  13. Yeah, we're all very happy and excited. Chod's Cheats is obviously the place to be when it comes to cheating. nice joke 10/10 I'm the best.
  14. Yay, we all have happy faces! I currently don't have any spare time to spend on playing games, but I might hit you up once I'll be able to play again.
  15. Hello and welcome to Chod's Cheats!
  16. Hi, welcome to Chod's Cheats!
  17. Hello and welcome! Another graphic designer, that's sick! Hopefully you'll post something on here, I'd love to see some of your work! reported inb4 ban swagswagswagswag