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Im here now for a week or two. I like the community and the staff. I think the staff is well behaved, even do i had some problems with paying the program it all worked out. I wanna thanks the people who are working on the eft program. Its a nice looking program and it works well. And i think the auto-crash after a update is a great future. this is my first program i use for games. Normal im not to happy on it that people use these programs. But with eft its like so boring to keep grinding over and over, So i use this program only for finding loot. And i maybe some times used the player detection :$. But any ways thanks for the good community. 

Peace out ! 


*and screw the people who cant game with out the program. And complain about how you all need to fix it blablabla keep up the good work for every one here ! 

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