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2 weeks Review

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Well, as stated in the title, it's been a little above 2 weeks since I started to use Chod's on EFT. And let me tell you, it is mind blowing.


The provided features are on point, at this point of time, I didn't even get around trying them all out extensively. I'm going to shortly share what I experienced so far though.


First, the ESP is awesome, let alone the fact you can check what's inside containers of any sorts from a distance. But the truly best feature accompanying the ESP is the filter : want to find a specific item for a quest? Just filter it.


About the second most popular one for most people, I guess so at least, which would be the Aimbot, I didn't use it much. But from what I tried, it is what we can expect. The only down side at this point of time is some tracking issues that can happen (the aiming isn't aligning with the target in some cases). But, to be truly honest, I don't use the Aimbot. Besides, among the options you have under the Aimbot category, there are settings that give you such an advantage already, there's almost no point in having any form of aim assist added to that. The Super Bullet feature is crazy low range and if you really need it you can turn your gun in a laser beam which will shred any opponent with stuff like No recoil, No spread, ...


Then there is a lot of other stuff that you can take advantage of. I'll mention the Speed feature, it turns you into the Flash, and this is great. Otherwise, need to see when it darks? No problem. Don't want to bother with collecting any keys? Done. Fancy a teleport session? Easy.


Another key feature is Configurations : want to save the changes you made to the cheat in order to have them loaded in a second the next time you log in the game? Well that's easily doable and you should actually use it. Even better : you can share your configs and also load configs of other people.


And finally, UI customization is available and you can even chat with the Chod's family while playing with the integrated chatbox.


All in all, I can't recommend this enough. And I'm still discovering all there's to be used. Also, a lot of work has and still is being put in the development, and this is really positive as it means we are aiming for the long run here!


Any downsides though? I couldn't think of any at this point. Maybe they'll come up, but at this point of time, there's only the good, no bad.

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