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Hello, I'm a new member here... (Pardon me if there would be any Grammar mistakes during this thread).

I would like to know how the anti-cheat of EFT (Escape From Tarkov) works because so far I've not been banned from using it for a day and with obvious settings too. (FOV 1.03 and Aimbot Speed 1.83 with
Super bullet on, and no recoil, no sway, no spread and it still snaps).

I tried to do hatchet runs and purposely die by players and see if there is a way to report the player. but I couldn't find a way to report any...

So I figured maybe the anti-cheat tracks unusual actions such as speed hacks aim locks and such...?

And one more thing... Does Escape From Tarkov ban HWID? and IP Address all together? because I've been using a VPN but I have purchased the game in January 2018. Without a VPN, and I heard they ban the IP and HWID that was firstly registered and bought from, and if so, How can I evade the BAN? because eventually,
I will 
be going to get banned. Thank you for reading.
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4 minutes ago, Dexter said:

They dont ban ip or hwid as far as we know.
Also you only get banned when the cheat is detected or a admin bans you manually.

Okay thank you so much for the fast response Dexter, and one more thing there is an update that is coming soon, a really big update/patch for EFT that would change the game a bit, and it will go Alpha and resets the stats of the players. You have any information about the anti-cheat to be updated as well?
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