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because the cheat is so great and I start thinkng...what if our super coder involves in an accident or get sick and goes to heaven? Does he have an apprentice to continue this great hack? I am so worried and hard to get myself to sleep...

Someone please give me an answer so that I can go to bed

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No joke, this actually crossed my mind :/ But don't you worry. Chod is not going to be that reckless to get into a car accident, I think. Now this is weird. I wish you Good Luck on your path of life Chod, and everyone here :) Now what are the odds. 1 in a billion? Depends... As long as he takes care of his life, everything will be fine. Eat healthy work out for sometime to be in shape (or at least be healthy enough to support yourself.) 30 minutes workout. Lots of fun etc. 30 to 60 minutes of homework (if any) Take care.

If he by some chance goes to heaven he'll be waiting for us, and work on his cheat there. Like freeze time, and work on it for 30 years and resume it again. Corporate with God and send it to earth by making a reincarnation of himself.

He'll be waiting for us, and we'll meet in heaven.

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