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Discord channel Fraud


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So today has been very confusing, I was in the Chod's Cheats Discord channel and as I asked for new cheats some guy called Chuck#7828 on discord told me his friend sells cheats (he told me to say Chod sent him). So I was under the impression it was Chod himself. Meanwhile I was kicked out of the Chods Cheats discord server (but I didn't realise it). I talked to Chuck#7827 and then his friend Raeme#9865 on discord and they led me through a very well planned scam, I sent them $85 for an arma 3 hack and ofcourse It never came and they both unfriended me. It was a very good scam but it brought to my attention that Chuck#7828 must be a senior position in the Chod's Cheats Discord channel to be able to kick me out of it. So I'm just letting everyone here know, that this guy, whoever he is, is impersonating Chod and scamming Chod users into buying fake cheats. He should be kicked and banned from the server. 

This way everyone can keep paying for a genuine and safe service whilst having fun.

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You are right I should have done more research, but it is also impossible to know because when you want a hack so badly and it doesn't seem to be availibale anywhere you want to believe that a group you find on a hack server would be able to provide it. 

By the way if it helps his email is: [email protected]     name: Dylan Shmock  Country: Canada

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  • opticmoist changed the title to Discord channel Fraud
12 minutes ago, opticmoist said:

Also could I please have a new link that works to the actual Chods cheats discord server, the only one I found no longer works.

Hello there,

There is a new Discord up and running. You'll find the information about it here:
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