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  1. Account details: steam level: 1 Games: 1 wallet: 1,50 NOK Counter strike details: Rank: 24 (Prime) wins: 65 MM rank: MGE Hours played: 149 hours. Payment methods: Cs:go keys. Paypal Other methods can be used if requested. Price: £35
  2. Welcome to Chod's the best place to be!
  3. Welcome! Enjoy you're stay!
  4. Great post mate! I came for the cheats but stayed for the community! This place is the best place in the whole word. People are more then friendly and this place feels like my second secret family
  5. Fair enough :OMEGALUL: I Agree with the rest here. The game is dead. The great thing with Bohemia interactive is that they are quite open for the community especially modding. Sadly the game never "exploded" and the modding community never got to get there. Arma 3 uses the Infusion Engine. This Engine is quite easy to script in for non battleye servers. There is always way to bypass the security measures sadly i do not know how that work.
  6. Thanks for doing this Faceless! Counter-Strike Global offensive here!
  7. Jokes on you i didnt put a ? lol. Jokes on you. I was pointing towards your comma. And it was a joke anyways!
  8. Hello, Does anyone know how to obtain Adobe Illustrator CC for free? Looks like there's not to much out there and i would only need to complete one task in it so its harsh money to pay for a one time operation! Thanks!
  9. I'm already looking forward for the next one!
  10. I've used the hack for almost 2 months. I have done everything from as legit as possible to super blant to sprinting around owning the battlefield! I've never been banned using Chod's and i haven't loaded the game without the cheat since December! If there is a possible detection we will be warned and the staff is doing a great work on security until now! I was super afraid of getting banned the first weeks of using it but now i feel just as safe as is it was normal to see skeletons true walls!
  11. Nice poem! Welcome to the club! I'm looking forward to you'r Poem tomorrow!
  12. welcome to chod's! :)
  13. Thanks everyone. That's a lot of positiv feedback just for a sketch. i will soon be done with the end product which will turn into my logo Cant wait to show you all!