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AIMBOT 10/10

I was like oh WTF it's relly difficult to create a great AIMBOT on a game with a sophisticated ballistics, but they managed to create something nice !
The way we can configure it makes things even more interesting. 

ESP 7/10

Really nice too. We also can configure it ant it's quite effective. 
The only thing i can complain about it the visuals we get when we use long scopes, it becomes pretty complicated to distinguish targets.

Speed-Fly-Noclip ?/?

I don't use it un multiplayer because of the ease of other players to complain about you with proofs.

Menu 20/10

Nothing to say. The most user friendly menu i've seen for a long time.

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Thanks for your review buddy! The scope issue will be fixed soon, but we really appriciate that you enjoyed our cheat!

14 minutes ago, Klatsh said:

I just purchased the hack and it seems to be freezing and closing my game.... 

The cheat it's under "Updating" status. Will be fixed on Monday and missing days will be added to your sub.

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