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Greetings from Canada


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Well! I been around Chods for 2 years, more a lurker and part time user here, I never made a formal introduction in the community so I thought that would be a good thing to do. 

You can find me in Discord under the username Z3ROCOOL. 

I'm and gamer and worker, when I'm not working I like to play video games, some of those games include World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls online, Rust, PuBG, Minecraft Feed the Beast. 

I typically play with friends some hackers some not, some games I cheat..some of them I don't. Mostly like cheating in FPS games, as for MMORPG's I rather play by hand unless farming, but the bot scene is really not existent anymore.

I like movies too! Especially movies from 70's and 80's I find that acting was at its prime during those years.

Anyway nice to meet everyone and hope everyone had Happy Holidays and forthcoming New Year!

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16 hours ago, Torpedo said:

2 years is a long time mate, nice to meet you :P wish you a happy new year too!

Indeed it is! Nice to meet you as well and Happy New Year. 

6 hours ago, SqueezedH1Z1 said:

Welcome bruh! 

Thanks dude!

10 minutes ago, 4real said:

Welcome totally agree with the 70's/80's movies :D

I know right, I watch them on the daily. 
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