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Escape From Tarkov review


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Being a subscriber to different cheat provider, I have to tell you, the Escape From Tarkov cheat by Chod is litteraly the best I have ever used.
First of all I'd like to point that from the release of the cheat, I don't think anyone got ban compared to other cheat provider where I got ban after 2-3 days yet its been 1 week that I've been running chod's cheats !

Visuals 8/10
Its great, easy and simple but there could be some extra useful feature like 
-Choice to see Scav or Player Only
-Loot for rare items like docs, factory key, wallet, etc
-Render distance for esp (won't show a player if hes more than 500m away, etc).
Aimbot 8/10
I really enjoy the aimbot, its working like it should, no spread and no recoil, different aim points etc.
The only thing I have been experiencing is sometime the aimbot will do a 180 flick when you aim to a certain player.
I think he tried to fix it with the update from november 3 but I still had that problem.

Misc 10/10 
The fly option is amazing, you can go through door and walls so you dont need a key to open doors, etc. Note "It might break your legs sometime or you might die if you hit the ground too fast"
The speed hack work well
Fast sprint and infinite stamina are pretty great too.

Teleport menu is also a nice little addition that Chod made. The option to teleport to exit, players or loot to us, is really amazing Note that you might die if you are too low as you fall from a certain height when you tp.

Overall, I think that the cheat is really worth it for its features, its detection rate (0 afaik) and for the price.

Keep up the good work

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