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  1. bump. Still have several keys left.
  2. Selling EFT standard game keys $26 usd, RU/CIS region. PM me if you want to buy one and I will send you my paypal. Middle man is not required. Discord: JadsterNZ1#6402
  3. I've applied, some dead by daylight would help me out.
  4. BSG just not friendly lately
  5. I can agree with this. As far as I know it isn't a multi platform ban.
  6. That's probably because the spots were leaked and bsg always patches them after a week lol
  7. Any credible rep or proof you aren't a scammer?
  8. I don't think people are selling rn. I haven't had any offers either.
  9. If you're detected by BE is it still an email from battlestate or...?
  10. PM me offers or respond to this post. I don't mind if it's standard edition or EOD and I don't think region matters either EU or US/other. Just note Paypal is what we'll be using and a middleman is perfectly fine
  11. Never lagswitched or anything. I'm aware there was a wave but what I found interesting is that the day before I got the ban hammer My friend I was with got shot through a wall in the head from a hacker. I watched the life leave his body and knew it was a hacker straight away, looked down the hallway, went to the upstairs floor (we were in resort). Nothing. Then ran like a b*tch. Next morning. Banned. Maybe it was a false manual ban and they thought I was with the hacker since I got out?
  12. I was emailed by battlestate saying my account was "Blocked" Never had anything from battleeye