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  1. There's a huntress aimbot but not for deathslinger
  2. Can self hook be used to infinitely hang at a hook? For example use it just as the killer hooks you and instead you're in the permanent self hook state instead of losing life on the hook. What i'm asking really is that there must be a way to use it to not get an obvious report after the gamefrom anyone other than a baby killer. Can anyone confirm if it can be used this way? I only tried it in KYF and noticed it can be used on the ground and to not get hit ect, but haven't tried using it in a game yet since it would be an obvious report. So can anyone confirm if it can be used in a clever way l
  3. Can i just have a little more info on this section of the client and how these work and what exactly the self hooking does, does this section have the thing where killers can't hook you and sway side to side at hook like i seen on other videos? Also the instant interaction in misc section, what it does exactly Thanks