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  1. The speed I said is very good for that, you can even loop killers infinitely, just lets say, keep pressing alt key (key set to activate the speed hack) while you sprint. That pallet and hit problems are due to in lag game and some performance, just make sure you have enough distance from the killer.
  2. I use my speed at 1.2 and when in a chase I just sprint while using the sprint button + the speed button and it looks like almost the speed of adrenaline or sprint burst, and killers cant notice.
  3. I just renewed the DBD cheese subscription and I have noticed a few changes on regards to its features. I remember these very cool features: NoClip (walk through walls) and SelfUnhook (100¨% ´kobee or self unhook chance). Also the insta heal would do it in one key tap but that is not important. What is making me questioning is why removing the Self Unhook option and replace it with Self Hooking, because it does not make sense or is even useful for any survivor. Or I am just not using it properly, so can anyone clarify to how does it work and what is it for? Also I still think you guys sho
  4. Since this year around April that there is no HWID, but if the cheat is really good (which it is) you wont get banned. Last time I had the subscription I used rage every match (100% unhook) and bloodpoints and I wasn't banned so assume to say it´s safe. Considering in purchasing the cheat again very very soon!
  5. I just bought it spending that amount of money and then I realized it is disabled only when having the program opened and when I couldn't click on Launch Now the subscription is counting and I cant even enjoy it *FeelsBad*