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  1. I know all cheats get detected, I also said this under that point 11 days is 3 days away from a couple of weeks, sorry if the 3 day difference meant that much to you Not sure how what I said was disrespectful, one look at the shoutbox and I think we can all agree that at the least you guys aren't on the same page. Also as you can see from what I said, I only called the staff lazy due to having to pay for a hwid reset Also no, I was not talking about the issue where my pc wouldn't start after I tried updating the loader I'm talking about the frequent bluescreens every user I have spoken to experiences - The site wont let krulsha post, its broken for him so he wanted me to post his reply
  2. +1 can agree with many of these points.
  3. Yea i played all day at rank 1 with a purple toolbox and no one noticed, it just compensated for shit teammates not doing gens. And having 4 teammates on a gen with prove thyself is not optimal at all so that's a useless point.
  4. I was steam lvl 444 but its kinda worth nothing now with a gameban on it
  5. Yea same, its allg tho i bought a new acc.
  6. Yea ik just didn't wanna scare him off